7 Reasons To Tour At Bournemouth 7s In 2020

The biggest party of the summer.

Bournemouth 7s is a combination of a rugby tournament and a large music festival and people are calling it the ultimate end of season tour destination.

If you have already been to Bournemouth 7s, you’ll know the countless reasons why touring at B7s is the easiest choice you’ll make, but if you’re a B7s virgin, here are just 7 reasons why you should tour at Bournemouth 7s in 2020:

1. The Sport
Their ever-growing repertoire of specially selected sports should be enough to have you booking your tickets already: they host rugby 7, 10s, vets, netball, mixed netball, hockey, dodgeball and volleyball, with cups ranging from elite to social: there are mixed cups, 1 & 2 day cups, fancy-dress cups and Friday night cups. There really is no reason to not take part.

2. The Party
A vast array of themed arenas blasting out bangers await you once your games have finished. The unique varsity atmosphere is a staple of B7s, and this is what makes the festival the only choice for teams looking for a mix of party and play. There are 12 arenas catering for all tastes; from guilty pleasures to garage & grime, they’ve got it covered!

3 . The People
By its very nature, B7s attracts an unrivalled crowd of eclectic people with the same outlook. A sporty audience who take their games and their partying seriously. Bring along your squad and take advantage of the ready-made playground for you to meet and play in.

4. The Entertainment
Though the DJs and headliners are enough alone to keep you going throughout the weekend, B7s offers more than just music as entertainment. You will find games and challenges to pique the interest of any competitive soul but to get the most out of everything available, be sure to upgrade to get access to the VIP Colourseum which hosts exclusive party games all weekend.

5. The Memories
There’s something about the dual experiences of sports and festivals that guarantee an incredible weekend with unforgettable memories. From arrival to departure there are opportunities to create those special memories, whether they are sporting achievements or euphoric musical moments, they will be plenty to reminisce over until next year and beyond.

6. The Date
It’s the end of the season. It’s summer. It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend. You and your squad head down to sunny Bournemouth for a few last run-outs and 3 days of partying. Where else would you want to be?

7. The Largest
Quite simply, it’s the largest sports festival out there, and that’s the reason it’s become the ultimate tour destination for teams from the UK & abroad.

Book your place at the 2020 Bournemouth 7s here.

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