5 Things That Make The Lions Tour So Special

Four nations, one rugby team. One goal – to win a Test series against the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand.

The 2017 British and Irish Lions tour is approaching, one of the most anticipated events in world rugby. It happens every four years, and the privileged players to be selected for this summer’s party were announced Wednesday April 19.

The Lions is a concept that grew out of combined British and Irish touring rugby sides from 1888. Now every four years the best players from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales combine to take on one of the southern hemisphere mega powers.

But what makes its so special? Here are five things that we reckon play a huge part.

The Supporters

Over 20,000 fans from Britain & Ireland are expected to travel to New Zealand this summer. Fans from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with unite with a common goal. They will cheer on the players regardless of what country they are from. Millions more will cheer on from at home. From rivals to fellow supporters, the Lions will bring everyone together as one.

The History

The Lions have been around since 1888. It’s one of rugby’s greatest traditions and only comes around once every four years. Looking back on the incredible moments in previous tours and what they achieved makes each tour that little bit more special.

The Jersey

Some of the world’s very best have chosen to wear the famous Lions jersey over the years…
Defeating the Kiwis on home soil is thought to be the toughest task in international rugby and so it’s understandable the Lions would turn to Canterbury in search of an advantage. But whatever the outcome of the tour, the British & Irish Lions will look the part thanks to Canterbury’s involvement in designing and creating the team’s Elite Jersey.

The iconic red jersey is going nowhere, and nor should it, but Canterbury have added their own creative touches which we believe makes this the best Lions jersey yet.

The Rugby

The best Britain & Ireland has to offer versus the world champions. What a series we have to look forward to. When the Lions come to town, whether it is South Africa, Australia or New Zealand, you need to raise your game to another level. The intensity of the Tests and the talent on show is unrivalled. It truly is rugby at its very best and highest level.

The Players

No Lions team is the same and that’s why the excitement will always be there. There are so many combinations we can look forward to that we’ve never seen before.. Taking the best players from the home nations and seeing how they gel together is so intriguing. Who will form an excellent partnership? Who will strike up interesting friendships? There’s just so much to look forward to and we for one, can’t wait.

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