Australia Unveil Stunning Home & Indigenous Rugby World Cup Jerseys

Road to Japan.

2015 Rugby World Cup finalists Australia have unveiled two stunning new kits ahead of this year’s tournament in Japan.

The home kit comes in the familiar green and gold and boasts a slicking looking collar-design. Wallabies captain Michael Hooper says he wants the 2019 Rugby World Cup jersey to be one that lasts in the memories of fans for years to come.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in one and the unique nature of them – that team there in 2015 only wore it then and you look back at previous games, you have very fond memories,” he said.

“Me as a player fond memories of wearing it, I hope that people have fond memories of this jersey in future, just walking down the street and going ‘I was at this place when I was watching the game in the 2019 Japan World Cup.’”

“I think that’s something that a jersey can create, that nostalgia and bring back feelings of that.”

The Wallabies have also unveiled an Indigenous-inspired jersey to be worn as an alternate Rugby World Cup strip. While the alternate strip was not revealed at the official launch on Wednesday, it was available for sale on the Wallabies’ official shop.

It is unclear if they will wear this jersey for any actual matches in this World Cup but it is believed there are some opportunities “under consideration.”

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