Nigel Owens Says Referees Will “Deal“ With Area Of Game That Bothers A Lot Of People


Nigel Owens says isn’t too concerned about the concerns that have arisen in terms of the offside line in rugby, with the Welsh referee confident he and his colleagues will “deal” with it accordingly.

In an excellent interview with Off The Ball promoting the launch ‘The Union Cup’, a two-day tournament aims to make rugby accessible for LGBT community, Owens says every game is “different.”

A number of ex-pros, pundits and fans have complained about referees not policing the offside line as strict as they should. But Owens is confident referees can get it under control just like they have with the issues that once plagued the game regarding contact in the air.

“Well, if the players stayed on side we wouldn’t have to worry about it – would we!” Owens joked.

“Every game is different and the laws are there for a specific reason – and to allow a game of rugby. It’s up to us as referees to make sure we apply those laws.

“As long as we apply the laws and ensure that the players are behind the high most foot and there is space for teams to play, then the game will benefit, and on a whole – I think we do that,’

“I don’t think it’s a huge concern, week in and week out.

“Three or four years ago contact in the air was a huge issue. What we did as referees – we dealt with it,”