Global Rugby Clubs Discuss Competitions For Northern & Southern Hemispheres


Rugby clubs from all over the world are set to engage with each other regarding the much anticipated chipping in of Rugby clubs from the Northern and hemispheres. Leaders from the International rugby tournament have said that they are prepared to listen to the array of proposals, to bring about more participation to its structure- which is expected to be held on a biennial basis.

Bringing it Together 

The Legislative body from the Six Nations involved namely; South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina Rugby as well as World Rugby, are ready to step in and raise all of the fundamental matters and proceedings in Ireland. These engagements will centre around the Northern and Southern hemisphere flanks’ participation in these championship events that are expected to be taken off in 2026.

All eyes around the world will be on both the British and Irish Lions. These teams have become a much favoured drawcard to the Nations Championship back in 2019. According to widely circulating talks, there has been much praise for the current way the teams have been managed from all shareholders and the team as a whole. These positive developments have emanated despite staunch disagreement from the players’ union in 2019. These disagreements were as a result of welfare concerns by the union, and even though the teams face quite a few trials that they have to conquer, there is a sense of confident growth by the team and their supporters.

The Competition Itself

The matches will be a head-to-head rugby clash between six of the best competing nations – England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales –from the northern part of the world. While countries from the south; Australia, Argentina, Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa will represent their respective southern hemisphere. Going against three other countries from the south, the best two teams of every game will come across each other during the competition’s fourth week in November There are also talks for a final connecting all teams as opposed to a single competition.

Overcoming Current Competition Hurdles

At the moment a lot of focus needs to be placed on a whole bunch of problems. These are said to be more than just the share of revenue from the competition. The chief executive of the Rugby Football Union, Bill Sweeney, might be unable to be present at the meeting in Ireland’s capital- Dublin. This is due to him suffering a recent pulmonary embolism. In addition to these woes, there are also apprehensions regarding the campaigning and sending down from the second-tier tournament in some countries. These include countries such as the United States, Tonga, Samoa and Georgia.

Yet another concern about the upcoming match fixture is that it will see a decline in matches amongst recognized countries as well as in emerging countries. However, it is supposed that this may not be something to be thought of as something that will hold back the plans during the discussions. In the same way it is important that neither the Six Nations nor the Rugby Championship will be impacted by removing the promotion and relegation problems that have previously risen.


With careful planning and consideration of the current challenges, the proposed championship has been met with great optimism. Fans of both the Southern and Northern hemisphere will be sure not to miss this competition come 2024.

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