Finn Russell Finally Breaks His Silence Following Gregor Townsend Bust Up

Not impressed.

Exiled playmaker Finn Russell has admitted he and Scotland head coach Townsend “have clashed quite a lot” and, despite playing under him for eight years, says the pair do not have a “personal relationship.”

Russell was sent home from a Scotland’s Six Nations training camp ahead of their opener with Ireland following a drinking incident in their hotel and left out fo the matchday squad for that game.

He was left out of the squad again this week for the game against England and it looks like he will play no part in this year’s championship.

Speaking to The Sunday Times he said he reckons he will play for Scotland again but not under the current set-up and environment under Townsend.

“I’m going to back myself to play for Scotland again at some point. It’s definitely going to happen,” Russell said.

“The way it is going to happen is for me to go back to my club, play really well and be me and be happy.

“The current set-up and environment, I don’t think I want to play in that, I don’t think it’s good for me as a person or a player. I’ve felt like this for more than a year.

“I’d love to play for Scotland again because I love playing for my country. But until I see or feel the big changes that I need to get back playing my best, it’s going to be very hard for me to do it.”

Speaking about his relationship with head coach Townsend, Russell said the pair don’t exactly get on.

“Just now, there’s no relationship, we don’t work at all together,” Russell added.

“Eight years I’ve had him as a coach, and I don’t really know him at all. We’ve not got a personal relationship.

“I want the best for Scotland and so I’ve questioned the environment to try and make it better. We [him and Townsend] have clashed quite a lot, him saying one thing and me saying another.

“It’s come to a point where I’m saying, ‘you can be you and I’m going to be me. That’s how this relationship is going to be. Well, it’s not really a relationship.”