Connacht Star Shows His Class With Incredible Gesture To Young Fan

Top class.

There are a lot of good men in Irish Rugby and it turns out – Connacht outhalf Jack Carty is very much one of them.

The 25-year-old playmaker showed his class recently when he came across a young man at the park on Wednesday who was down in the dumps. Carty stopped for a chat with the 14-year-old and decided to have a little kick around.

No doubt he was soon feeling a lot better, after Carty imparted some wisdom and gave him that little boost he might be have needed. And if that wasn’t enough the Connacht ten called over to his house later that day with a signed jersey and a special note.

“Was really great meeting you today, and I don’t think our meeting was by chance.” it read.

“Always remember to keep the head up,”

“Don’t mind people who are jealous of you and your soccer skills.

“At your age, I wish I had as good a right foot.”

Carty also to invited the young lad to come to a Connacht game in the Sportsground next time he’s around.

Pure class. What a hero.