Brian O’Driscoll Reveals “Interesting Chats” With Ex-Colleagues Following Painkiller Comments

Ruffling a few feathers.

Former Ireland and Leinster captain Brian O’Driscoll has revealed he’s had some “interesting chats” with former colleagues following his controversial comments regarding the use of prescription medicines in rugby.

Earlier this week on Off The Ball, O’Driscoll revealed the use of legal painkillers “almost became like habit” in the twilight years of his playing career. The former Ireland centre revealed prescription medicines such as difene and co-codamol were made readily available to players, and revealed painkillers became a regular part of his pre-match routine so as to “give yourself a chance of playing your best game”.

He also revealed players could get their hands on sleepers such as diazepam (valium) to counteract their high intake of caffeine throughout the day. And it appears those comments have gone down all to well within some rugby circles.

Speaking on BT Sport yesterday, O’Driscoll said he got some comments back he “probably wasn’t expecting.”

“I’d definitely say it’s been interesting the last couple of days…” O’Driscoll said

“[I got] some comments that I probably wasn’t expecting to land quite like they did.”

“I’ve had some interesting conversations with some ex-colleagues over the course of the last two or three days.”

“And not mincing their words in suggesting what I was saying about painkillers and anti-inflammatories being taken at will 5-6 years ago – is certainly not the case anymore.”

“I suppose that’s good to hear. Because the piece was about player welfare and about safe-guarding. Because the individual sometimes needs to look after theirselves and their not always best equipped to do so.”

“It’s a good news story ultimately if we’re bringing more attention to it.”