adidas Unveil Stunning New Range Of Rugby Boots

Yes please.

adidas Rugby has unveiled DUALINSTINCT, a bold range of boots that displays the individual personalities and playing styles of each team member through colour. Designed to enhance performance, deliver comfort and to allow each player’s dual personality to shine through in a range of vivid colours.

Kakari x Kevlar, Kakari Light, Predator Malice Control and Predator flare each have two colour options for players to switch modes based on their attitude and position. The range comprises of striking turquoise, jet black and vivid yellow – one in an understated, sleek design, the other offering a more vibrant and creative outlet.

The colours reflect the players’ dual nature – such as the strategic grafter, planning the next move with precision or the magicians – the athletes who add flare and spark to the pitch. The four state-of-the-art designs are individually tailored for every player on the field – from the tight-five to the on-field showmen – every technique, focus and personality is covered.

The tight-five will be supported by the Kakari x Kevlar. Made with a built-in sock construction to offer ankle support, and adidas’ 6×2 stud configuration. The boot was developed after adidas joined forces with DuPont to incorporate Kevlar into rugby boots – a technology that drastically improves the boot’s strength and stability.

For the back-row enforcers, the Kakari Light is the perfect choice. The boot combines a lightweight upper and low-cut sock design, giving players the explosive power that they need to be first to the breakdown. Supportive taping across the upper and a genuine leather toe box makes the Kakari Light the weapon of choice for the flankers.

The Predator range offers either a yellow boot, flecked with the fresh blue or in reverse. Both with the stripes in a textured black. First of the Predator range is the Predator Malice Control – the boots for the playmakers. From the perfect cross-field kick to a difficult side-line conversion, they feature a rugby predator system and asymmetric lacing to increase kicking control.

Finally, for the showmen of the pitch, the Predator Flare. This lightweight boot features a seamless sock construction the adidas patented SPRINTFRAME outsole.