Watch: Nigel Owens Was At His Brilliant Best Again This Weekend


Classic Nigel Owens.

Nigel Owens was once again at his brilliant best this past weekend as the Scarlets took on the Cardiff Blues. The Welsh referee is widely regarded as the very best in the world and it’s easy to see why.

Owens has become famous for letting the game flow as it should and taking absolute no-nonsense along the way to ensure it. His latest memorable tv moment was in typical fashion of the Welshman and even had the Sky commentators laughing.


In the closing stages of the Scarlets vs Cardiff, all Welsh affair, in the PPO12, and with the game in the balance, Owens took a break from the scrum to have a pop at the replacement front rows for both teams who he believed were causing the standard of scrummaging to drop.

This prompted the commentators to outline just what makes Nigel Owens so good.

Boys, is this why you’re not starting the game? Because the front six have been very good.

You keep the standards that all of them have done please, you don’t drop them. Keep the pressure off, keep the space.

Check it out below. When Owens talks, you listen.

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