WATCH: Hilarious Joe Schmidt Recalls Irish Players’ Airport Drinking Binge

What a legend.

Grand Slam-winning Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt was a guest speaker at Terenure College over the weekend and he absolutely stole the show.

The New Zealander isn’t exactly known for his comedic side, but after seeing this video, we’ve seen a completely new side of the Ireland boss and it’s hilarious.

In the clip below, Schmidt discusses exactly what happened at Heathrow, when the Irish teams’ flight home got delayed due to the adverse weather conditions.

“We got delayed four times because of the Son of the Beast. I’m not talking about Billy Vunipola, I’m talking about the weather. We couldn’t take off and we couldn’t land but apart from that they said the flight would be pretty safe.”

Schmidt says the team were due to board the plane at 10am and everyone was very ‘sedate’ waiting, until it emerged the flight was delayed for at least 45 minutes.

“We got to about half ten, when saw the first pints starting to be shared. We thought ‘That’s OK, that’s OK. We’ll get out of here in 15 minutes, they’ll only have time for seven!’

“Flight delayed another 45 bleeding minutes … cocktails. I know, times have changed, haven’t they? Cocktails?”

“There’s not a lot more I can say for the front-row…”

“Because they beat the shit out of the backs for having the cocktails!”

Watch the rest of his speech below. And make sure you watch until the end.

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