Watch: David Pocock Shows Monstrous Strength As He Completes Rope Climb With Ease

David Pocock is not human.

The Wallaby back-row is currently on a sabbatical from Australian rugby, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking things lightly. He’s set to return to Super Rugby in time for the 2018 season, but until then he’s gonna stick to climbing ropes like an absolute monster.

Growing up Pocock has always been obsessed with his physique and working hard to become the best he can be. It’s worked out rather well for him as he’s an absolute monster, and one of the best rugby players in the world today.

Even if he’s not near a gym, Pocock will use his surroundings in order to stay in shape as seen in the video below while back home in Zimbabwe. No legs, just pure power. How they hell does he do this? And how does he make it look so easy? Machine.

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