Watch: Brian O’Driscoll & Jonny Wilkinson Spoke Very Highly Of Gary Ringrose Yesterday

“Funny, watching that there, he runs exactly like you.”

Those word the words of England legend Jonny Wilkinson yesterday after looking back on Gary Ringrose’s excellent individual try against Italy. Who was he talking to? None other than Ireland legend Brian O’Driscoll.

The comparisons between the two are evident, and while a lot of people, including O’Driscoll want Ringrose to be left alone in that respect so he can carve his own career- it’s hard not to make the comparisons when they stare us right in the face.

Ringrose carved open the Italian defence yesterday in typical BOD fashion- low body position, while arcing his run as he danced his way through the defence. O’Driscoll couldn’t help but praise the Ireland and Leinster prodigy.

He’s answered any critics or pressure that has come his way. Six Nations is a different beast than playing November internationals. I think he’s handled himself extremely well.

We heard Gordon D’Arcy talking about in commentary about his ability to read defensively. He’s a wiry enough sort of guy. His ability to see the play ahead of time is probably what stands him apart.

I don’t think the Italian defence have covered themselves in glory [for Ringrose’s try] but he still has to break through a couple of half-hearted tackles. It’s nice line. A little step off the right foot, a little acceleration left and right and then backing himself.

I think that’s what it’s all about for young players, having that belief in their own ability. This guy has bundles of ability and we’re going to see it in the coming years.

Wilkinson on the other hand, had some advice for Ringrose about dealing with those O’Driscoll comparisons.

All of this is one single journey. It’s the journey of ‘How good can I be?’ versus ‘What do people think of me?’ Once you win that journey by going this way and working on this, nothing else matters and he creates his own story.

It has nothing to do with Brian. You won’t beat Brian’s story. You’ll never be a better version of Brian than Brian was of Brian. You can only be you. It’s difficult because people will always want to compare. He stands a chance of having his own future and looking at that, it’s going to be pretty amazing.

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