Warren Gatland Proves He’s A Nice Guy With Heartwarming Gesture


Fair play Gats.

Warren Gatland has made headlines across social media for a fantastic gesture towards a travelling family as he made his way from Auckland to Sydney recently.

The new Lions boss was flying business class when a mother and her small baby sat next to him. The woman was accompanied by her mother, but she was seated in the economy section of the plane.

Gatland  gave his seat to the grandmother so she could help her daughter with the baby during the flight and walked to the back of the plane to sit in economy class.


The story was posted on Facebook by a passenger who witnessed the gesture and has been shared hundreds of times by people across the world.

The Welsh Rugby Union have confirmed the story after being contacted by a fan on Twitter, saying: “Just spoke to Warren and it is true. He said he knows how hard it is travelling with children.

What an absolute legend.


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