Video: Brian O’Driscoll Gives His Take On The Sam Burgess Saga


Sam Burgess announced last week immediate effect returned to rugby league and NRL side South Sydney Rabbitohs.

The move came just a year after his switch to rugby union with Bath.

Speaking on BT Sport’s Rugby Tonight, Brian O’Driscoll gave his take on the convert’s swift return to rugby league.

I think he was definitely given enough opportunity. He was thrown in the deep end, I don’t know if he was able to swim enough to warrant a World Cup place, retrospectively looking at that World Cup.

Having said that and we talked about it last week, I think six was his position. He was going to have to invest a year, year and a half to become a world class six, which I thought he was capable of doing.

But, instead he’s gone back into a role he’s completely comfortable with and one that seems absolutely seamless to him, and he gets to hang out with his family and his mam. Who doesn’t like that?

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