South Africa’s tactics are ‘abusing the ethos’ of rugby claims pundit

Not happy.

South Africa’s tactics have once again come into question following their win over Ireland in their series opener at Loftus on Saturday evening.

Former Scotland head coach Matt Williams has once again questioned their use of a forwards-heavy bench, claiming it “discriminates against backs” and abuses the entire “ethos” of the game.

The Boks unloaded their bench in the second half, releasing their ‘bomb squad’ with the likes of RG Snyman and Malcolm Marx entering the fold.

Williams claims he is not criticising South Africa, and feels that World Rugby needs to step in and review the replacement laws in the future.

“At the 49-minute mark, six South African forwards walked onto the field. Is that what the replacement laws were safely designed for?,” Williams told the Virgin Media TV Rugby Pod.

“That is not any criticism of South Africa, it’s not a criticism of Rassie [Erasmus], it’s a criticism of World Rugby that allows that to happen.

“That is not what our game is designed for. The South Africans took full advantage of a loophole in the system…

“It discriminates against backs, our game is for all shapes and sizes. We had 14 forwards in that game (for South Africa), that is not what our game is designed for. It’s not what the ancients designed it for, it’s not what we did in the 80s, 90s, or 00s…

“The whole replacement laws are going to be reviewed in November and they need serious review. This is abusing what our game is meant to be. It’s abusing our ethos, it’s abusing our traditions, and it’s abusing our safety laws. It has to change.

“I have no criticism of South Africa or Rassie for doing it, because it is legal…

“The law has to be changed, not the coaches. The coach’s job is to win the game, the responsibility sits with World Rugby.

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