Some Potentially Excellent News For Irish Fans & European Cup Rugby On TV


European rugby might be about to return to terrestrial television.

It’s been nearly ten years since Irish fans were able to watch their province in action in Europe on terrestrial television but that might be about to change in the not too distant future.

The Director General of European Professional Club Rugby, Vincent Gaillard is quoted on the subject of TV rights in a piece in the Irish Times by Gerry Thornley that suggests that the rights be be about to revert back to terrestrial television

It could be a free-to-air broadcaster, and a pay-per-view broadcaster, as we have in France for instance. But not two pay-per-view broadcasters. It is not working very well for us at the moment.

Any return to matches on terrestrial TV would come into effect from 2019-2020 when the UK and Ireland broadcasting rights are up for re-negotiation.

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