Rugby’s First Ever OWN TRY!

Round nine of the National Rugby Championships (NRC) in Australia took place earlier with the first game providing us with what was quite possibly the worst ever decision on a rugby field, and the first ever ‘Own Try’ in rugby.

The Sydney Stars versus North Harbour Rays clash gave Mitch Lewis the honour of scoring the first ever own try in rugby!

In soccer own goals aren’t all that strange, as defenders tend to slot the ball into the back of their own net sometimes. In rugby however, no such thing exists, because when a player grounds the ball over his own tryline, it’s a 5m scrum if carried over, or a 22m drop-out if not.

All that changed a few hours ago however, as a bizarre call resulted in the TMO and referee awarding what is quite possibly the first ever own try in rugby!

The look on prop Lewis’ face was priceless. At first he was probably concerned that he’d given away a 5m scrum, but when they went upstairs and awarded the try, he was absolutely gobsmacked.

Referee Ian Smith struggled to see who planted the ball, and with both teams having yellow at the top of their jerseys, the Television Match Official made an absolute hash of the decision. Sydney went on to win the match 49-40 against Lewis’ North Harbour Rays.

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