Rassie Erasmus Offers To Quit Lions Series In Stunning One-Hour Video On Officiating Errors

“Let the Springboks and the Lions have an equal chance.”

South Africa director of rugby Rassie Erasmus has offered to step away from the Springboks management team in a stunning one hour-long video posted to social media.

Erasmus gives a lengthy opening monologue discussing the conversations the Springboks had before and after the game with social media before offering to step away from the Springboks for the rest of the series if people feel he has gone too far.

The video was uploaded on Vimeo from an account named ‘JJ’ and features no less than 26 different clips pointing out decisions that Erasmus feels went against the reigning world champions on Saturday evening.

He finished the video by reiterating the fact that he is more than willing to walk away from the series if people feel he as gone too far.

“There were no bones made about it when Warren Gatland said stuff in the media when we were dead quiet,” Erasmus said in defence of his social media activity in recent week.

“We must understand that social media is media now too.

“And we felt the way things unfolded on the field didn’t benefit us by staying quiet.

“If this causes that I’m not allowed to be a water carrier, that’s fine, I’ll step away from the water carrier. If this means we’ll get a fine, I’ll step away from the team management team.

“If this means that the Springboks will be in trouble, I’ll say I did this in isolation. It’s me personally that did this, not SA rugby or the Springboks. Because I believe in fairness and I believe in the system. I believe that two teams must have an equal chance of competing in a match.

“Not saying the referee was a cheat at all, but saying we just wanted clarity on a Sunday night, but got on a Tuesday. And to be honest, I’m not very convinced with the clarity that we got from Nic Berry in this match.

“Now again, I have previous encounters where I’ve made mistakes, saying things in public about referees and that normally comes back to bite you.

“It should be fair that I’ll step away from these last two Test matches but let the Springboks and the Lions have an equal chance on the field.”

If you have the time, watch the entire video in full. It really is a fascinating watch.

BIL1.mp4 from JJ on Vimeo.

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