“We’re in the fu**ing depths with you” – footage of rousing Peter O’Mahony pre-match speech


Ireland walked into the Stade de France with the weight of the world on their shoulders on Saturday night, as they got ready to go to war with the world champions on the grandest stage in rugby.

Their previous record in the competition was brought up by South Africa during the week, but in the end, Ireland put past failures behind them and emerged victorious.

The goal still remains to get beyond a quarter-final at the very least, but everyone knows just how big a game Saturday was, and the players certainly knew that.

One man who stepped up to help get his team over the line against the Boks was Ireland’s Peter O’Mahony who gave a rousing speech on the pitch before the game got underway.

The full speech was posted on the official social media account of the Rugby World Cup before being deleted and uploaded by one with music over it, but we did manage to get the transcript before it was gone.

And it was pretty special.

“As we’re going on through it, ya, when you run past a fella, you give him a fucking lift, you pat him on the fucking hole,” O’Mahony said

“I’m with you all day, you know what I mean? We’re with each other all day.

“We’re fucking working hard, but we need to fucking look after one another as well boys.

“We’re in the fucking depths with you. Picking fellas up. We’re going well boys. Be flexible and be fucking tight.”

Passionate stuff from one of the game’s great leaders.

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