Nigel Owens Absolutely Roasted A Football Fan On Twitter Last Night


Nigel Owens is a class act.

The Welsh referee was in brilliant form last night on Twitter, absolutely roasting a football fan in the classiest of ways. It all started with Owens sharing a photo of an absolutely excellent Christmas gift idea.

The gift was a Nigel Owens mug with “This is not soccer.” written across the front of it alongside a brilliant caricature of the man himself. We actually did a little piece on it ourselves last night accidentally calling Owen’s a “former World Referee,” instead of “former World Referee of the Year.” Thankfully Owens saw that funny side and it made him smile.

A football fan however didn’t see the funny side of the brilliant mugs with Owens classic catchphrase and decided to let the referee know about it. He was anything but kind in his words, but Owens, being the legend he is, roasted the fan without stooping to his level.

What an absolute legend of a man. Nigel Owens we salute you sir.

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