Liam Williams On Why He Refuses To Do Any TV Work

Liam Williams isn’t one for the camera.

Saracens and Wales winger Liam Williams recently sat down with the Daily Mail in a wide-ranging interview. He discusses how the Ospreys told him he would never make it as a professional rugby player, and why he doesn’t do too much tv work.

Williams says he has a stammer that makes it very difficult for him to do so.

‘I don’t do any TV work,’ he said
’I don’t like it. I have this stammer and once I feel under pressure I just can’t get my words out. I couldn’t do that live on TV. I’d just end up swearing. When I feel under pressure it starts to get a bit worse. I’ve always had it — my older brother had it — and it sort of goes through phases of good and bad. It’s fine when I’ve had a beer or two!
‘When I’m on the pitch it goes. It just comes out. If I shout, it’s fine.
‘I’ve been meaning to sort it out but it’s just finding the time. It would enhance my profile but I just want to play rugby so I don’t really care, although I would like… a new Range Rover!’

Just keep letting your rugby do the talking and you’ll have no issue Liam!

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