Absolutely needless cheap shot sparks huge brawl in New Zealand

Cheap shot.

War broke out during the opening round of the National Provincial Championship (NPC) in New Zealand over the weekend following a needless cheap shot from Manawatu Turbos lock Josh Taula

Taula was shown a red card for his late shot in the closing stages of the match on Wellington fullback Ruben Love, as Manawatu were defeated 22-6.

The lock charged at Love and clattered him long after he had made a clearance kick, sparking an all-out brawl between the two sides, with Love’s teammates rightly aggrieved by the challenge on their fullback.

Referee Nick Hogan was left with no choice but to red-card Taula, stating that it was “a late shoulder charge to the head with a high degree of danger.”

A red card earning cheap shot from Manawatu vs Wellington
by u/HayMrDj in rugbyunion

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