Johnny Sexton Reveals Teammate Sacrificed Six Nations Medal After He Lost His

Fair play.

Ireland’s talisman Johnny Sexton got a little caught up in Saturday’s Grand Slam celebrations at Twickenham, and managed to lose his Six Nations winner’s medal.

In a video posted online over the weekend, a stressed looking Sexton can be seen looking for his medal which somehow managed to fall off in the midst of all the madness and commotion.

Since then a lot of people have been asking did he manage to locate it? Well it turns out the story had a lovely ending. At least for Sexton anyway. Speaking to Luke Fitzgerald on The Left Wing podcast, Sexton revealed he wasn’t the only one who lost his medal on the day.

“Myself and Jordi Murphy, we were walking around the pitch and I said to him, ‘Mate, you lost your medal,’ and he goes, ‘Oh… I think you have too.”

Conor Murray was taking no chances with his medal.

Both players were without a medal so they decided to search Twickenham. Eventually they were in luck, but there was one problem.

“We looked down and there was one medal on the ground. We couldn’t figure out whose it was, so he gave that one to me. I’m not sure if he found his one, but if he hasn’t I’m sure (Head of Operations, Gerard) Carmody will sort him out.

“We’ll get a replacement, I’m sure. I’m not sure if it was yanked off of us when were in the crowd by are families or whatever.”

Fair play Jordi. Top class.

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