Joe Marler Had An Interesting Way Of Getting To Know One Of His Lions Roommates

Do you mind filling this out?

England prop Joe Marler has come up with an interesting way of getting to know his Lions roommates. The Harlequins man was rooming with Jared Payne last week in Cardiff, but was disappointed he didn’t get to know him a little better.

This week in Ireland he’s been rooming with Welsh back-row Toby Faletau and has come up with an interesting way of getting to know the Bath man. He decided to get Faletau to fill out a questionnaire!

“Last week I was rooming with Jared Payne, he was a great roomie, relatively quiet and kept himself to himself,” said Marler
“But I thought I really missed out on an opportunity to get to know him a bit more. So this week I came up with a questionnaire.”
“These are some of the questions I asked: Full name? Nickname? Star sign? Snorer? Early dog or night owl?
“Then it was questions like do you have kids? Pets? Probably best if I don’t tell you what the last couple of questions were though.”

Turns out the idea was a success and Marler found out plenty about the Welsh forward, who he admits he didn’t know a great deal about beforehand.

“I found out that Taulupe has a partner and has got an eight-month old kid. It’s just about breaking the ice and getting to know each other.
“If you are living on top of each other you have got to be comfortable, you just need to go with it.”

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