Jamie Roberts Brilliantly Slags James Haskell Following High Tackle & Red Card

Arthritic knees.

The internet exploded once again last night, as it does every time there’s a red card in rugby these days. Not too long ago a red card was a very rare occurrence, but under the new tackle laws, it’s become rather commonplace.

James Haskell was the latest player to feel the wrath of the red, after he was sent-off towards the end of Wasps’ loss to Harlequins last night for a marginally late, rather high hit on Welsh centre Jamie Roberts.

There’s been plenty of debate since the incident, but the general consensus is it was high and reckless from Haskell, and the red card was warranted. In fairness to the England flanker, he even admitted it himself and apologised for the hit.

Roberts also tweeted last night to let everyone know he’s doing just fine, and to let Haskell know he appreciated his apology straight after. He couldn’t however, miss out on an opportunity to slag off Haskell and his “arthritic knees” and ask him how his shoulder is.

Here’s the tackle too in case you missed it last night.

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