IRFU Set To Follow In NFL’s Footsteps


The IRFU will be hosting an NFL style draft combine at the Irish Institute Of Sport next month.

The three-day camp will focus on the areas of athletic assessment, high performance education and movement skill development and will feature academy players from all over Ireland.

Players will be subject to a number of physical tests including vertical and horizontal jumping/hopping, linear sprinting over 30 meters, basic change of direction/cutting, and a specific assessment of reactive agility.

The camp will also offer players an insight to best practices when it comes to the likes of nutrition, mindset, recovery, and injury management.

The first two days will consist of a mixture of educational lectures and testing, while the third day will primarily focus on a review of player tests and tutorials in movement, with a particular emphasis on developing speed.

The combine comes just months after United States strength and conditioning coach Nick Winkelman was appointed the IRFU’s Head Of Athletic Performance And Science. Winkelman has been running the EXOS NFL Combine development program for the last seven years.

EXOS supports over 100 collegiate athletes each year as they prepare to make the transition from College to the NFL by participating in the league’s Combine and Draft process.

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