“I’m Actually F**ked Off With This” – Ellis Genge Hits Out At BBC Following Ridiculous Mistake

Not happy.

England and Leicester Tigers prop Ellis Genge has hit out at the BBC after they mistakenly used a picture of international teammate Lewis Ludlam in one of their online articles.

Genge said he is fed up with outlets regularly mixing up mixed race/black sportspeople and claims it’s not the first time he and Ludlam have been mixed up.

Ironically, the article in question is about Genge supporting the recent pulling down of a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in his hometown of Bristol.

“I’m actually fucked off with this happening to every mixed race/black sportsperson. Must be the 15th time in less than a year just between me and Lewis Ludlam,” Genge said.

A number of players, pundits and fans have shown their support towards Genge following his outburst including Ludlam who has also had enough, pointing out that this has also happened to Bath winger Anthony Watson in the past too.

“I’m with Gengey on this one, however, wrong mixed raced guy,” Ludlam said.

“Probably should be getting that right on an article about race issues. Not the first time this has happened.”

Genge even did some searching to see if he can find any pictures where they look alike – and it’s quite obvious they don’t.

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