Here’s What Sparked The Punch That Led To France’s Mohamed Haouas Getting Red-Carded


France team manager Raphael Ibanez has claimed that Scotland forward Nick Haining eye-gouged prop Mohamed Haouas on Sunday.

Ibanez said France have found some “revealing images” of the alleged gouge that back up their case.

The incident in question sparked a scuffle between the two teams that ultimately led to Haouas being sent-off for a punch on Jamie Ritchie.

“We have found some quite revealing images that I have transferred to the disciplinary commission,” Ibanez said

“We have filled our dossier as precise as possible. It’s now in the hands of the disciplinary commission.

“The act (Haouas’ punch) was justifiably punished but we need to understand why. It wasn’t by accident.”

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