Hamish Watson Explains How Lewis Rees-Zammit’s ‘Lightning Bolt’ Haircut Came About


A lot of people noticed the Lions winger Lewis Rees-Zammit was sporting a rather unusual new hairstyle last night for their game against South Africa ‘A’.

The Welsh winger got himself a fresh fade with a ‘lightning bolt’ shaved into the back of his head. Will Greenwood commented on the chop on Sky Sports saying, “you better play well when you do that” – and to be fair he did.

But what brought this rather ‘unusual’ hairstyle about? Turns out it was part of a fine from the fines committee but Zammit played an interesting role himself.

“I’m actually not on fines, I’m on the environment committee,” Watson said when asked about the haircut.

“It was a fine to shave the size of his hade with a zero blade fade but I think it was all Zam himself that wanted the lightning bolt on it.

“I think that was optional!”

And who gave the youngster his lovely new haircut? Turns out it was a member of staff, the Lions’ Head of Medical, Prabhat Mathema.

“It was from Prabhat, he learned how to cut hair over lockdown,” Watson said.

“He’s actually pretty decent, the boys have been using him [throughout the tour] for haircuts.”

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