George Hook: ‘I’m Unhappy With The Appointment Of A Failed Coach’

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Irish rugby announced one the most shocking appointments in recent years yesterday when they revealed that Andy Farrell would be the man to replace Les Kiss as their defence coach.

The overall opinion was mixed. Some were shocked, some disappointed and some delighted that Farrell had been handed the position including Irish legend Brian O’Driscoll. Farrell’s name was mentioned many times during England’s World Cup shambles, mostly for the wrong reasons but you cannot deny his pedigree as a whole.

George Hook has always been outspoken and whether you like him or not- the man speaks his mind. Hook revealed in his Irish Independent column he is far from impressed by the appointment.

The idea that only Rugby League adherents can coach defence is now out of date.

The Rugby League theorists are passé. Defence has no hidden secrets but given that Ireland is now playing an out-of-date strategy of non-offloading, unique in world game, maybe this appointment makes sense to the head man.

The biggest concern about this appointment is that once again we have handed the game over to foreign coaches that have no intrinsic connection to Ireland other than a monthly pay cheque.

It is 40 years since George Spotswood was appointed the IRFU’s first director of rugby and we still do not have an established coterie of Irish coaches other than a couple of rookies at the helm of two of the provinces.

The biggest criticism of this selection is that Farrell was part of a failed England set-up where he wielded excessive power; where morale was an issue; and crucially he displayed a lack of independent thinking.

Like the Renua manifesto said, “three strikes and you are out.” Farrell has had his three strikes. I for one am not happy.

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