“You’ll agree with me on this” – Andy Farrell hits out at Conor Murray begrudgers


Ireland head coach Andy Farrell has hit out at the ‘begrudgers’ who have attacked Conor Murray online following last weekend’s defeat to England in the Six Nations.

A small section online of so-called ‘fans’ have been making their feelings known about the Munster nine, blaming him for Ireland’s defeat at Twickenham.

Murray was a replacement in the game and cleared Ireland’s lines with a box kick with less than two minutes remaining on the clock, with Ireland leading England.

Farrell praised Murray and the incredible longevity of the former British and Irish Lions captain.

“It’s certainly unfair because this is the way of the world, and you’ll agree with me on this, that the more successful some people are, the more people – I don’t what the word is – other than get p****d off with success, longevity, people staying at the top as long as they possibly can,” Farrell said.

“Everybody always wanting somebody else to come in and a new fresh young rookie to light everything up.

“It takes an unbelievable amount of dedication and courage to stay at the top, and keep riding with the punches throughout a long career that’s been so successful, for somebody with 120-odd caps like Conor.

“I can only marvel at somebody like that and when you ask me to describe what I think of him, it’s right there in all that, isn’t it?

“In regards to mental toughness, that’s how it is. He’s been there, seen it all and worn the badge. So, he’s in good spirits.”

Well said, Andy. Well said.

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