Ellis Genge Was The Talk Of Television Last Night Following This Incredible Interview

The baby rhino.

England and Leicester Tigers prop Ellis Genge is the talk of television after his incredible appearance on BT Sport’s Rugby Tonight. The man now aptly nicknamed ‘the baby rhino’ opened up about the lows he’s experienced his life, from being arrested to being diagnosed with dyspraxia (a condition affecting physical co-ordination that causes a child to perform less well than expected in daily activities for his or her age, and appear to move clumsily.)

Genge says he struggled to deal with his now trademark aggression growing up – resulting in some unfortunate run ins with the law.

“Growing up I got in quite a lot of trouble. I got arrested quite a few times.” Genge said.

“That’s not something I’d encourage kids to do, but don’t ever sort of hide the fact that you’ve got that aggressive factor – you can use it on the pitch.”

A big reason for that aggression was probably the fact that his dyspraxia wasn’t diagnosed until very late.

“In school I struggled quite a lot. I didn’t find out I had dyspraxia until I was 14. They just thought I really didn’t want to do any writing.” Genge added

“My teacher used to get frustrated because I was writing two words per lesson and stuff.”

Dyspraxia also hugely affects your hand-eye coordination, and the fact that Genge has become an elite professional rugby player despite this – truly is remarkable. You can watch Genge’s incredible interview in full below. It’s a must see.

And not stopping there. Genge has also been applauded for his wonderful honesty in eventually leaving Leicester Tigers. While the prop still has two years left to run on his contract, he has admitted he would be open to leave the Tigers, but not for the riches of France. Instead he’d love to return home to Bristol and play for Pat Lam’s Bears.

“It’s home. Everyone wants to go home.” Genge said.

“As good as the rugby is up in the midlands… Bristol is home for me, all my family are there I miss them a lot.

“As opposed to… tail end of my career, going to France or Japan – if I make it there, I’d like to go to Bristol yeah.”

And finally – the reaction to his honesty has been incredible.

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