‘You don’t know anything about rugby’ – Wallabies boss Eddie Jones belittles journalist

Shots fired.

Wallabies boss Eddie Jones took issue with a journalist’s question following Australia’s defeat to New Zealand in the Rugby Championship at the weekend, and he did not hold back.

Australia were soundly defeated 38-7 in their Bledisloe Cup opener, with Jones picking an inexperienced side for the meeting with their neighbours, including Carter Gordon at ten, who was making just his second Test start at outhalf in the green and gold.

When it was suggested that Jones got the call wrong, with veteran Quade Cooper starting from the bench, the Australian boss took exception to the insinuation in typical Eddie Jones fashion.

“Well, firstly, I don’t think I got it wrong, mate; in fact, I’m going to get it right,” he said.

“And the player will get it right. To say that a young 10, in his first game [as a starter], and you’ve got it wrong in selecting him is just a load of rubbish, mate.

“So anyone who asks that question doesn’t know anything about rugby.”

“If you know anything about rugby, you know that 10s need time in the seat. If you don’t know anything about rugby, then don’t talk to me.”

Jones added that Gordon will continue to make mistakes, but that’s the nature of rugby at the highest level when an up-and-coming talent comes through.

“He’s going make more mistakes, I can guarantee that, and he’ll learn from it,” Jones added.

“And when he’s played as many Tests as Richie Mo’unga or Damian McKenzie, he will cease to make as many mistakes as he makes now.

“Now, we’d love him to have a mistake-free game on Saturday, but the reality is a young guy learning his apprenticeship needs to just make the mistakes, learn from it and not listen too much to blokes like you, alright?”

That’s my job to make sure he doesn’t listen to blokes like you who want to put rubbish in his head.”

Whether you’re an Eddie Jones fan or not, he makes a very valid point and it’s good to see him sticking up for the youngster who should not be solely blamed for Saturday’s defeat.

Gordon starts again for Bledisloe 2 in Dunedin this weekend and will no doubt be out to repay his head coach for defending him.

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