Crusaders Set To Change Logo Ahead Of Complete Rebrand


Super Rugby champions the Crusaders are set to change their logo next ahead of a complete rebrand in 2021 in response to some backlash following the mosque attacks in New Zealand earlier this year.

The New Zealand franchise have been criticised since the attacks for their name and the symbolism the club use – due to its association with the religious Crusades between Christians and Muslims.

“What is clear from the research is that there are divided views on the name itself, but that people on both sides of the divide are incredibly passionate about this club and what it represents to them.” Crusaders CEO Colin Mansbridge said

“A brand is much more than a name or a logo and this research has shown us that it is the values and legacy of this club that really endears us to our fans, so that needs to be the starting point of any discussion about the best way forward.

“Today we are committing to undertaking a thorough brand review, that will cover all elements of the brand, from the organisation and team’s values and vision through to the logo and team name.”

The brand review will soon commence and any changes recommended by that review will be announced by the end of 2019 and come into effect in the 2021 season.

In the meantime, the Crusaders name will be retained for the remainder of the 2019 and 2020 seasons, but an interim change to the logo will come into effect for next season, with the removal of the knight and sword image.

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