Conor Murray Reveals How The Irish Team Responded In Training Following Defeat To England


No Irish rugby player likes losing a game but no loss is more significant that a loss to the old enemy.

Days after the defeat Ireland took part in a training session which saw the senior side take on the Under 20s in Mullingar. Those in attendance remarked that the session was intense to say the least and Conor Murray has today revealed just what happened and why the session went the way it did.

“If you lose a game and don’t play your best rugby, you’re always going to be in a bad mood for the early part of the week. You probably take it out, or try and release it, on the training pitch.

“That’s the way we are. It’s a great thing.

“We trained against the 20s following the English defeat and it was a great session for us. It was supposed to be two-handed grab but it almost turned into full contact. There was a good bit of bite.

“I think you need that release. You need to get that anger out of you. It shows people care; that they want to win and perform well.

“If we had lost to England trained against the 20s passively, and let it flow, you would be questioning ‘Do we want it bad enough?'”

Murray also stated that Joe Schmidt was on hand during the match but was not too quick on the whistle.

“Joe has been around long enough at this stage and he knows that is part and parcel of rugby.

“When things overheat a little and there is a bit of bickering – a few arguments in the training pitch – as long as it doesn’t go too far, it is healthy for a rugby squad.”

No doubt he was right to keep his whistle in his pocket as Ireland came out the weekend and absolutely battered Italy at the Aviva. Ireland are done by a long shot. No doubt they will come back from recent disappointments stronger and hungrier than ever.

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