Conor Murray On The Time He Stole Johnny Sexton’s Jeans & Set Them On Fire

Viva la cartel.

You might remember a few months back Ireland and Leinster playmaker Johnny Sexton was asked about an incident involving his laundry, and a notorious group known simply as “The Cartel.”

The Cartel is made up of Zebo, Murray and a few other ‘cronies’ according to Johnny Sexton, and they love regularly playing pranks on the lads in Irish camp.

It’s two absolute muppets – Murray and Zebo, they call themselves that. They have a couple of cronies that hang with them. They just play pranks on lads in camp.” Sexton said

They burnt all my laundry last year. That’s the type of thing they get up to. I come out, my car will be open, all my stuff will be missing.

Now finally, Conor Murray has elaborated on the incident in question. In an excellent interview in The Times, Murray reveals Sexton’s even favourite jeans felt their wrath.

“If you can burn a fella’s clothes and remain friends, then that’s the sign of a tight group,” Murray said

“He had pleaded for us to save his favourite jeans,”

“But he’d been pissing us off in training camp so I took his stuff and kept it in my car for a week. Then I bought some petrol. As we burnt it, the jeans just fell into the water and drifted downstream smouldering.

“It was soothing, beautiful.” A tango soundtrack was added and the “send” button pressed.”

Here’s the video of Sexton recalling the moment a few months back.

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