Australian Rugby Star Grants Dying Girl’s Last Wish In Beautiful Moment


This is just top class.

Mahalia Murphy, from Australia, posted a message on social media yesterday call for urgent help. Her dear friend, Kia Lettice is fighting cancer at the Prince of Wales hospital in Sydney and yesterday was given just hours to live.

Her dying wish was to meet one of her favourite rugby stars, with Mahalia posting a message on Facebook asking for everyone to please share the message, in the hope that she could make the wish come true.

Greg Inglis and Beau Ryan are both rugby league stars, with Ryan having recently retired. They are both heroes to Kia, so Mahalia took it upon herself to start a campaign to get one of the pair to visit her dying friend.

Thankfully Beau Ryan spotted the message and let them know he would be there as soon as he could.


A couple of hours, Ryan was true to his word and arrived at the Prince of Wales hospital, to the delight of Kia.

The amazing thing about all of this is despite being given just 12 hours to live, the visit has done Kia the world of good and she continues to battle on.

Our prayers go out to her today. A beautiful moment, no doubt she cherished. Fair play Beau,

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