Alex Corbisiero Gives Frightening Account On The Life Of A Rugby Player

Combined Country v British & Irish Lions

Last December England and Lions prop Alex Corbisiero announced he was taking a twelve month break from the game.

The former Northampton prop stated that he took the decision for health reasons, having forgotten what it feels like to be fit and healthy.

“For the last three four years of my career there was always some form of ailment or injury to manage,” Corbisiero said.

“I was either on anti-inflammatories or I was icing constantly to make sure I squeezed every drop of my body out for the weekend.”

Now eight months out of the game, Corbisiero has told the Telegraph that he did not envisage just how happy he would feel since he stopped playing, stating that he has now fully recuperated mentally and physically.

“My aches and pains are non existent now.”

He has now put his plans to return to the game on hold as he is enjoying his punditry work so much with American broadcaster, NBC.

“If it goes well and there are further opportunities then I probably won’t play in the Premiership or England again.”

I was speaking to a few clubs with a view to possibly playing by November or January. But the NBC role was just a dream scenario for me.

“There are opportunities if I want to play. I could probably stay in the higher end of the game for another three or four years but I know at the end of those four years I would be very beaten up. As you get older in life it is a balancing act. There are ex-players I know who have achieved some amazing things in the game. But they also might walk with a limp for the rest of their lives or have an ear replacement by 40. It is weighing that up whether I want it or not.”

You can read the fascinating interview in full here

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