World Rugby Boss Hints At Ireland Hosting The 2027 Rugby World Cup

Bring it on.

World Rugby boss Bill Beaumont has suggest that an emerging nation may host the 2027 Rugby World Cup, with Ireland potentially among the hopefuls should they decide to bid once again for rugby’s showpiece event.

Ireland launched a huge campaign in a bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup, and despite being favourites, ultimately lost out to France in the end.

The decision to award France the tournament was a controversial one, especially considering they most recently hosted the tournament back in 2007. World Rugby have been accused of looking at the event purely from a financial standpoint as a result.

But Beaumont has said World Rugby chiefs will sit down and talk about awarding a country that will hugely benefit from hosting the tournament, rather than just look at things from a financial standpoint for the governing body.

“World Rugby will have to have a philosophical debate going forwardover where future World Cups should be held.” Beaumont told reporters at an event to mark the year-to-go celebrations.

“It’s important that we are commercially successful but we do need to have that debate whether the next World Cup following France (in 2023) will go to an emerging country or an established country that actually needs a bit of help as well,” he added.

“Do you say to Argentina, do you say to Ireland, Canada, the USA, these are countries we’re going to because actually strategically, that is going to make the biggest difference in that area?”

The 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off on September 20 next year with hosts Japan taking on Russia in Tokyo.