WATCH: The Tackle That Left Racing’s Teddy Iribaren With A Face Like This

This is nasty.

Racing 92 suffered their second Top1 14 defeat of the season on Saturday, as they fell to four-time European champions 30-17 at the Stade Ernest Wallon.

The defeat sees the Parisian side drop to sixth in the table, with Toulouse climbing up to 3rd. But Racing didn’t only lose the game – the also lost their scrumhalf Teddy Iribaren in the first-half, after a nasty collision.

The Toulouse-born star was left battered after an attempted tackle on Romain Ntamack. Iribaren managed to get the outhalf down after he broke from the 22, but copped a massive boot to the face that left him in a pretty bad state.

The game was delayed for several minutes as he received attention, but he remerged in the second-half on the bench – a little worse for ware. Check it out below.