Tadhg Furlong Is Addicted To The Most Irish Thing Ever


Leinster and Ireland prop Tadhg Furlong is arguably the best tighthead in the world right now, but even he has his weaknesses.

He can tackle, pass, scrum, carry – but unfortunately, it turns out he simply cannot resist the temptation when it comes to a good old portion of Irish potatoes.

Leinster nutritionist Daniel Davey recently sat down with Balls.ie for a really interesting chat, and revealed that Furlong would usually have 6-10 potatoes a day.

“Tadhg Furlong loves his potatoes.” Davey told Balls

“So he might be having six potatoes or ten potatoes. So then, I have to say ‘Tadhg, you’re having too many potatoes’. You can do that the day of a game because potatoes are a good source of energy, but days you’re sitting on the couch you’re not going to need ten spuds.

“He has a kind of potato addiction. Tadhg is somebody you can have fantastic conversations with, because he is from the country and he appreciates food.

“If you put good food in front of Tadhg, he’ll enjoy it, and not just potatoes. But he’s been in Dublin for a while now, so his palette has expanded!”

What a legend. You can’t bait a plated of spuds – and that’s a fact.

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