Massive Changes Planned For The Champions Cup Again Because Of English & French Clubs

Here we go again.

Organisers are planning on restructuring the Heineken Champions Cup once again with the tournament potentially set to be reduced from 20 teams to just 18.

French and English teams have been fielding weakened teams in the competition and it looks like organisers are set to revamp the entire competition once again to rekindle their interest as they did previously when the Heineken Cup became the Champions Cup back in 2104.

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According to Rob Kitson in The Guardian, discussions are continuing about the possibility of switching to six pools of three, featuring the top six sides from the Premiership, Pro 14 and Top 14.

The current format sees 20 teams compete in five pools of four. Organisers are reportedly pushing for a final decision within weeks as they look to guarantee the future of the competition beyond the current broadcasting and commercial deals which end in 2022.

One of the attractions of an 18-team competition would be to prevent teams from the same country from meeting each other in the pool stages, with home and away, two-leg semi-finals also on the cards, similar to the Champions League in football.

A 16-team tournament is also being proposed but it’s understood that the 18-team competition is the preferred option. Some interesting times lay ahead. What do you think? Should they leave it as it is or is another restructure the right thing to do?