”It’s Not A Good Thing To Lose A Game Like That. We’re Not Going To Bulls**t Ourselves”

Not good enough.

Much has been said about Ireland’s record defeat to England on Saturday but as far as Peter O’Mahony is concerned it just simply wasn’t good enough and the men in green need to do better this weekend if they are to get their preparations back on track.

Forget about team selection, forget about the fact that it was just a warm-up game – Ireland simply should not be conceding 50 points against any team. But the beauty of sport is that’s now in the past and Ireland don’t have to wait long to go again and make amends.

Up next is a trip to Cardiff to take on Wales at the Principality. And as far as O’Mahony is concerned – whoever is selected has a “huge responsibility put the green jersey back in a good place.”

“It’s a record defeat. It’s not something that we are used to.” O’Mahony said yesterday

“We know that you take the 24 hours and you feel sorry for yourself, but the beauty of this game is that you have another one this weekend. Whoever gets selected this weekend has a huge, huge responsibility to put the green jersey back in a good place.”

Some people have suggested that last Saturday’s match was perhaps a ‘good thing’ for Ireland because it happened before the World Cup and might act as a wake up call before they head to Japan. But O’Mahony is a realist. There’s no excuses. There’s time to get things right, but it’s never a ‘good thing’ to lose in the manner Ireland did.

“Look we don’t see it that way. They’re Test matches. You hear people saying ‘oh maybe it’s a good thing’. It’s not a good thing to lose a game like that. We’re not going to bullshit ourselves by saying ‘that might be the best things for us’.” O’Mahony said

“That’s not the best thing for us. But as you said it wasn’t a World Cup game, we’ve time, we can sort it. It is certainly better that it happened now but that’s kind of a bullshit saying as well, we’re not going around trying to claim it.”

The big issues for Ireland right now is there are not at the level they should be right now, both in defence and attack. They’re way off the pace and they know it. But this isn’t a time to panic. It’s a time to put things in place and get it right. And it starts on Saturday.

“You’ve got to see us all at Test match level and Test match pace and I think we were off the pace, both sides of the ball, at the weekend. You’ve got to see an Irish team at the pace we want to play with and make it difficult for Wales.” O’Mahony added

“There certainly isn’t any panic of any sort. Guys understand that [what] we got wrong at the weekend and we understand that it doesn’t turn on its head overnight. There are things that have probably manifested that we need to sort out in our game. That’s a good starting point to get it sorted.”

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