IRFU Boss Admits Leinster Will Always Have An Advantage Over Other Provinces


IRFU boss Phillip Browne says Leinster will always have a clear advantage over the other three provinces in Ireland when it comes to producing rugby talent.

A number of players have left Leinster for rival provinces in recent years, and Browne says we have to understand the “unique” position Leinster is in, given the size of the population and strength of their schools system.

“We have to realise is that over 50% of the rugby population and 50% of the entire population are based in Leinster so it’s no surprise that Leinster are going to be in the position that they’re in.” Browne said as Ireland revealed their strategy for the next five years.

“It is no surprise that Leinster are going to be in the position they are on. They also have a unique advantage of an incredibly vibrant schools rugby scene. They are almost unique worldwide.”

In terms of the other provinces – Browns says there is work to be done and each one must be treated different. But as far as he’s concerned, even Leinster can get better.

“I think there’s work that needs to be done in Ulster in terms of player development and a lot of what David has said there’s a whole action plan behind that and there’s good work going down in Connacht but the reality is that what’s going on down in Leinster is a unique environment.”

“Can we recreate that environment down in Munster and Ulster? I don’t think we can because I think it’s different. I think there’s elements of similarity in the school system in Ulster and it’s how we try and bring that on and with Munster there’s some difficulty in that there isn’t as many schools involved, it’s much more club based, so each province is different.”

“If the question you’re asking me is are we getting the most out of all four provinces and the answer is probably not and I include Leinster in that because we can get better across all four provinces, and if we can, that’s a scary thought for a lot of other clubs in Europe.”

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