Clubs Could Learn A Lot From This Incredible Player Welfare Response By Gloucester

If in doubt.

Player welfare has been a huge talking point in rugby particularly over the last couple of seasons, with how suspected concussions are dealt with becoming more and more paramount for clubs above all else.

Some teams have been accused of allowing players to play on despite clear signs they are not right, with the Jamie Cudmore vs Clermont case highlighting the dangers and ignorance of some clubs.

But to be fair rugby is moving in the right direction. And this moment of brilliance from the Gloucester medics at Ashton Gate last night proves that.

In the game against Bristol last night, Gloucester nine Will Heinz was struck accidentally in the head by one of his teammates while chasing back. As play moved on Heinz tried to get back to his feet, before stumbling. He clearly wasn’t right.

But before he had a chance to get himself back into the game, a Gloucester medic ran onto the pitch and prevented him doing so. He was then immediately removed, saving him from potentially much worse had he played on. Excellent work. This is exactly what we want to see.

If in doubt, sit them out.