Simon Zebo Has Brilliant Response To Andrew Conway Giving Away His Ireland Gear

I’ll take it off your hands.

One of the many amazing perks of being a professional rugby player is the absolute sh*t ton of beautiful gear you get off your club every season.

Anyone that’s played sport and received kit over the years knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s one of the best things about playing sports and something players look forward to every season.

But nothing comes close to the kind of supply an international gets every season. A massive amount from your province, as well as a couple of drops a season from the national side.

Players get so much gear a number of them either donate to charity (just like Devin Toner below) or give the stash away online to their social media followers.

Andrew Conway recently decided to do the latter, but probably didn’t expect a former teammate to throw his hat in for the prize. Simon Zebo has offered to take the kit off his hands – and has even promised to share some with fellow exiled Irish international Donnacha Ryan.

Absolutely brilliant.