Ranking: The Top 5 Number Eights In The World Right Now Statistically Speaking


Who’s the best number 8 in the world right now?

Now that the November series is over with just England left to play Australia this weekend we thought it might be a good time to look at which players top the lists in their respective positions.

So far we’ve brought you scrumhalvesflankersfullbacksflyhalveshookerslocks, and props next up it’s time to look at number eights. The guys over at the The Rugby Net have done the all hard work, compiling all the stats and putting them together into a rankings list so we can see who’s performing the best in each position.


What do you think of this list? Is it a fair reflection?

*The ratings are mathematically generated from a variety of objective criteria, meaning they aren’t simply an opinion of who is best, they are calculated by The Rugby Net Rating Engine. The Rating Engine takes in information (statistics, standings, match results, etc) and produces a rating for each player. For a full breakdown of the algorithm click here