Ireland Respond To Australia’s ‘Illegal Blocking’ On Israel Folau Accusation

We’ve done nothing wrong.

Australia earlier this week said they will be seeking clarity from match officials regarding the tactics used by Ireland to prevent the threat of Israel Folau in the air during last weekend’s 2nd Test.

Folau caused Ireland a serious amount of problems in the first Test, dominating the aerial battle. But he was kept quiet by Ireland in the second, with multiple Irish runners blocking his path on the kick-chase.

Aussie coach Stephen Larkham suggested Ireland’s tactics may not have been entirely legal.

“I guess it’s in our hands, it’s something that we have to sit down with the referees and discuss,” he said.

“For us I think it’s two-fold – it’s one, getting the kicks accurate so our chasers aren’t running between two or three guys and then two, obviously bringing it to the referees’ attention just to make sure everything is legal.”

But Ireland have defended themselves and believe they are playing fully within the laws of the game.

“We’ve done nothing that we haven’t done all season,” said Ireland assistant coach Simon Easterby

“I just think on the weekend we showed a lot more urgency to get back and support the player receiving the ball, making sure that once that player has caught the ball and landed, that we resource the ruck. I think that was an area where we came off second best in Brisbane.

“There will always be things that the opposition and ourselves feel that we maybe didn’t get the rub of the green on but we’re just asking the players to work incredibly hard to support those guys who are receiving the kick.

“That’s all we did on the weekend, we didn’t feel like we did anything that any other team in the world isn’t doing.”