An Emotional Stuart Lancaster Following Leinster Win – ‘It’s Not About Vindication’

Back at the top.

There are few better stories in rugby than Stuart Lancaster’s over the last few years. The former England head coach was made a mockery by his home nation after the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and it looked like his road back would be a very difficult one.

But as we all know at this stage – there was a lot more to England’s failure to get out of their group stage in the tournament than just the ‘failings’ of Stuart Lancaster. And he’s bloody well proved that in the last couple of seasons.

What he has done with Leinster, and especially their young players has been nothing short of remarkable. And seeing the emotion in his face yesterday, showed just how much it meant to him.

But yesterday wasn’t about ‘vindication’. It was about belief. Belief from those who matter most to him in his life.

“It’s not about vindication. It means a huge amount to my family & friends who all stuck by me in the tough times after the World Cup. Lancaster said.

“They never once wavered in their belief about my ability. That’s been the nicest thing, nice for my wife and my son who are here and Sofie is at home.

“It’s for them really.”